Artis Dai Giang

21 September, 2017

“Mr Dai Giang Nguyen is successful artist who has distinguished himself by creating and developing a new school of art, known as the “Upside-Down-Art”. In connection with this innovative accomplishment, he has been writed the “Manifesto of Upsidedownism”

Born on 21 May 1944 in Hanoi, Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen began painting when he was 7 years old. He attended Hanoi College of Arts in his hometown from 1966-1968, completing his studies with an Associate of Arts degree. He then had the opportunity to continue his artistic education in the former USSR, where courses at Moscow College of Arts from 1968-74 culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later on his career he migrated to the USA, where he subsequently enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1998 and obtained an Associate of Arts degree the following year.

Mr Nguyen is the subject of several articles in professional journals , as well has being listed in national and international biographical publications. Apart from recognition as the inventor of Upsidedownism, he has been the recipient of various other honours and awards. Upsidedownism carry full the Western philosophy associated with oriental conception of natural basic becoming. This is the basic foundation of UpsideDownism”. (from IFE)



2014: Solo exhibition in Hanoi (Vietnam), from 5 until 12 December.

2013: solo exhibition  first time in Belgium, from 3/8 until 25/9/2013,  Antwerp city – Belgium.

March. 2012: artworks of artist Dai Giang are listed in the Art book Creative Genius 100 Contemporary Artists.
Feb. 2012: mural exhibition at Phap Nguyen Pagoda with artwork Born, Old, Sick, Die.
November 2011: artist Dai Giang won the Honorable mention of the International Contemporary Master, organised by
July 2011: artist Dai Giang is listed in the International Dictionary of Artists.

From 5 – 26 Feb.2011: artwork of artist Dai Giang is exhibited at THE ANNUAL WASHINGTON STATE JURIED ART COMPETITON 2011

10/2009: Founder’s Choice Price by Infinity Art Gallery, for artwork Playing Cards
2009: exhibition at Columbia City Gallery (Seattle), from 4 March to 12 April
2009: Honorable award: Diploma of Excellence for artwork “Mother from market”, delivered by Art Addiction, Medial Art Biennial 3 – London (DIPLOMA)

2007: Honorable award: Diploma of Excellence for artwork “Ca tru” (Vietnamese musicians), delivered by , London (DIPLOMA)

2006: Exhibition at Energy Gallery (Canada), from 1st August to 1st November
Exhibition at Gallery Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis (USA), from 26/08 to 30/09
The “Mother & Son” won Third Price of International Art Contest in Spain (PRIZE)
The “Hawaiian Dance” won Top50 of PaintAmerica Contest (TOP50)

2005: Sept. 24th, the portrait of Dalai Lama (painted by artist Nguyen Dai Giang with Upsidedown Art is offered to the Datlai Latma at Manhattan Center (New York)

2004: Raw Art International Festival in London (August)

2003: Exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, in New York, September .
500 Founders of 21st Century (CERTIFICATE)
Biographie de l’artiste est sèlectionnèe pour le “500 fondateurs du 21ème siècle”
Dictionary of the International Biography : “Who’s who in the 21st Century”

2002: Who’s who in the World

2001: Won Portable Art Collection Award .Who’s who in the West

2000 Outstanding artists and Designers of the 20th Century
Personal Endorsement from the Director General of the IBC:
Dai Giang Nguyen is considered to be an outstanding Artist and has been recognised as such by the IBC in Cambridge, England since 1999.

1999: Bio. Of Artist was selected in Book “Who’s Who in the World” 2000-2001

1997: Won “The most Talented Artist “International Competition, third prize in Stockholm, Sweden.
Won “The First International Drawing Contest 1997 World of Art” third prize in Stockholm, Sweden.

1996: Won “The Best Contemporary Art CD ROM – The Juried Collection 1996” in New York.

1994: Won Washington State Convention Center Seattle International competition prize.

Collections :
Museum of Art Voronezh Russia, Museum of Seattle 
Private collections in United State, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Vietnam, France, Spain, HongKong..