Manifesto of Upsidedownism

23 September, 2017

Since the 1990s, many styles of art have appeared, developed, faded or survied under the other form: Experssionism 1904, Fauvusm 1905, anaalytic Cubism and synthetic Cunism 1908, Abtractionism 1912, Contructivism 1914, Dadaism 1917, Surrealism 1921 etc… from 1950s to 1980 Pop art appeared.

Nowadays, American and Western painting art has been falling in the cirsis originated from the following causes: The worry and the ennui before the death and the ephenmerality of human condition; the development of impersonal mechanical civilization The declension of Spirit values an the decadence of morality happening everyday, every hour in the family and the Society.The Crisis is because the painting art has not refected that extremely complex reality. The painting art separated from the society and the From the loneliness there is desperation and then fury. The Western painting art has been entering in to the tunnel without any light.

Therefore, there must be a renovation in painting as a Necessity of doing to describe an profoundly reflect the reality of life and society. Upside-down painting art has the ambition to shoulder this responsibility -A new conception of painting aims to discover the Truth latent inside of the reality. Making Upside-down means straightly going to the Liberty of art with a PERSPICACIUS CONSCIENCE. Upside downism bases on authentic principles of life. A painting work that makes as strong imperession about the meaning of line is always the leading line of Upside down style.

The Upside down art was born in SEATTLE, WA of USA to carry full the Western philosophy associated with Oriental conception of natural basic becoming. This is the basic foundation of Upside downism. The United States of America with its multiculture is the mos favowrable medium where the Upside down artists realize their art works.

When we observe the nature, we see the nature changes ceaselessly with the rotation of fous seasons, pf day and night, the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes wanes, the tide Is up and down. The mutual bearing and the incomratibility are also the law of nature.

Nature helps us understand the principles of life. There is no day withhour night. If there isn’t light, we can’t understand what drakness is, so verything contains the germ of death. In short, the dual division is the evident truth of the life. Right and wrong living and death, happy an suffering…. Nothing is eternal. Nothing is changeless. Nothing is satble.

Today you have a job, house, and wife. Maybe tomorrow you lose all. Upside downism wans To expose those things. The Upside down artists want the observer tho see the quintessence and the essence of the  matter in their works. They want the obserer to see The inside of the reality and the life, to see the effect of the cause: No effect without Cause. They want the observer from the outside- to be able to discover the inside of the Truth. In the Upside Down painting works, beside the rationality but to see it as the fact to need to surpass, to overpass, to master and to prevail. Upside Downism will lead the observer to the new world-the world of spirit, that of liberty and truth and the good and beauty and ceaceless discovery.

Upside Downism has the ambition to create the exalted inspiration for the observer And to make the observer see the universal immensity, the endlessness of sky and earth But in the same time, also see the loveliness and the livablessness of life.

The new land has been expanding in front of the Uside Down artists whose duty is To embark in ther fo find, to discover the truth, the good and the beauty, then to realize In their painting works, with the painting art of Upside Downism.


Seattle Wa 1999

Artist Lead: Dai Giang